My Journey

I’m a certified NLP Practitioner and a Life Coach by ICF. To me life is about growth and helping others grow too.

I wish I’d known some of these techniques when I was facing gigantic roadblocks in my life many years ago. As a result of stress from work and heavy emotional turmoil in my relationship I developed all kinds of physical symptoms and illnesses. I wasn’t in a good shape for a long period of time. Changing careers and dealing with my trapped emotions definitely helped me become strong and fulfilled again.  

Having gone through these various challenging experiences I became fascinated how our minds work. I delved into the realms of human behaviour and mind and quickly realized this is my line of work. I’m now focused on helping people transform their lives. I help them with career change transition, healing physical illnesses, relationship issues, building confidence, finding their purpose in life, and to become the most powerful version of themselves.

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